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Proteus Digital Health, Inc. operates as a digital medicines company. The company focuses on developing products, services, and data systems based on integrating medicines with ingestible, wearable, mobile, and cloud computing. Its digital health feedback technology provides a view into an individual’s personal health choices and physiologic response, allowing patients to manage their health, and collaborate with caregivers and clinicians.

Prenetics is a personalized Medicine company specializing in Pharmacogenomics. Its proprietary technology enables physicians to help patients identify the right drug, right dosage and to list out potential adverse drug effects (ADE’s), based on one’s genetic profile.

Heal delivers high-quality doctor house calls and is designed to be your family doctor. Heal is in-network with Anthem and other leading insurance companies, who use Heal to improve health outcomes. By attracting top full-time doctors, Heal owns the provider network.

Smart Vision Labs is building a befer vision exam. Smart Vision Labs has created the SVOne, a smartphone-based autorefractor powered by cugng-edge technology, to help make vision care accessible to everyone.

An innovative service using smart wearable technology which helps caregivers keep tabs on the wellbeing of older family members.

Internet & Technology

NextVR is a technology company that captures and delivers live and on-demand virtual reality experiences. From rock concerts to sporting events to fashion shows, and everything in-between.

Forkspot is a mobile application. We have developed a technology that utilizes the power of ibeacon technology which detects our users automatically, then shows discount coupons and recommends most popular menu items instantly once customers walk into restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

Founded in 2013, Tixr's goal is to modernize the architecture and user experience of live event ticketing and to introduce innovative marketing and yield management tools designed to grow revenue. Unique differentiating features including dynamic pricing, wait-listing, peer marketing, payment installments, industry-leading page-speed. 

From fully-controllable life-size avatars to simultaneous global performances from the world‘s top artists, VNTANA’s technology creates the most engaging and realistic holographic experiences in the world. With VNTANA’s technology people can truly be multiple places at once and bring products and characters to life in new interactive ways.

Ener-Core designs and manufactures innovative systems for producing continuous energy from a broad range of sources, including previously unusable ultra-low quality gas. When paired with gas turbines, the patented Ener-Core Power Oxidizer and associated oxidation process enables the conversion of these gases into useful heat and power with the lowest known associated emissions.

Surkus is changing the way people experience the world and the way businesses speak to their audience. Surkus is a mobile platform that provides local events and venues with a new way to cast their perfect crowd and allow users to experience amazing events and opportunities.  

Tenjin brings simplicity and insight to your mobile marketing spend. With support for hundreds of ad networks, Tenjin provides powerful tools for any marketer to analyze the source, in-app purchases, advertising revenue, cost, and ultimately ROI of their users. 


My Dress is the biggest online apparel shopping website in Hong Kong.

Moocho is the leading mobile payments app for college students. With Moocho, students pay using any phone for healthy groceries, great restaurant meals, and other essentials around campus — racking up rewards every time — no wallet required.

Trendy Butler is an exclusive and diverse men's apparel subscription service that gives members up to $150 worth of items a month.

Groupon Hong Kong is a deal-of-the-day website that offers discounted gin certificates usable at local or national companies. It is known as an online e-commerce platform that provides its users with the ability to purchase anything.

Social Media

Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

Shimmur is a platform that makes it easier for artists and influencers to directly interact with their biggest fans.

Early Stage Tech

Up Marine focuses on marine businesses in the Greater China region with our position being an innovative company to design, build and distribute creative marine products and services and to promote the marine-related lifestyle in the region.

Go Moment created Ivy, the leading smart texting plaoorm for hotels and the hospitality industry. Ivy, working as a digital personal assistant, proactively communicates with hotel guests via text messaging.

Food & Beverage

Kung Fu Group is a restaurant and food management group that focuses on Chinese style hotpot and traditional Chinese cuisine. Kung Fu Group also manages the famous Kung Fu Dim Sum chain store that provides the best tradi8onal handmade Chinese pastries.

Investment & Finance

The Company and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in businesses of properties investments, securities trading and loan financing.

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