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VNTANA HOLLAGRAM at Virgin Atlantic Event

We’re excited to share with you that last week VNTANA partnered with Virgin Atlantic for their Business is an Adventure event, featuring Los Angeles’ most innovative companies. Our CEO, Ashley Crowder was invited by Virgin to share her thoughts on the future of augmented reality. Check out her post here: HOW THE RISE OF AUGMENTED REALITY WILL IMPACT OUR LIVES During the event, attendees experienced VNTANA’s HOLLAGRAM Selfie display, showcasing the latest in our interactive hologram technology and social media integration. Using our proprietary gesture control software, attendees could fly a hologram airplane while seeing their own holographic image LIVE next to Virgin Atlantic’s logo. Check out the experience HERE.

VNTANA co-founders Ashley Crowder and Ben Conway with Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic's Business is an Adventure event in Los Angeles, CA.

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