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NextVR Shows Off New Production Truck That Will Produce More Sports Content In Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is now on the go.

At this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show, virtual reality broadcasting developer NextVR showed off their brand new production truck.

The truck works similar to the typical ESPN truck but with a virtual reality spin, allowing NextVR to manage all of the ins and outs of a complete game broadcast. It is set to tour around the United States in July, covering any event where it is needed.

Mashable’s Saba Hamedy took a tour inside the truck that is complete with a 3D audio mixing facility—in order to make sure that the virtual reality viewer is hearing sound from all different directions. There was also a space for broadcast partners and production teams to monitor the live virtual reality broadcast.

According to Hamedy, the truck even came with the familiar “new car smell.”

The ability for NextVR to broadcast games or matches on the move is a big move for the virtual reality production company. They have been making a number of successful broadcasts recently in the virtual reality world, teaming up with Fox Sports to provide live streamed broadcasts of March Madness, the Daytona 500 and boxing, among others. In February, NextVR inked a five-year deal with Fox Sports to officially mark their future together on virtually reality programming.

NextVR released the live streams on their NextVR app, which works through the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Their creation of a fully outfitted production truck will add to the sheer amount of events they are able to air in virtual reality. It is a huge move for those virtual reality junkies out there, and a promising sign for even more virtual reality programming in the sports world to come.

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