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Splash News and Bringhub Launch Embedded Online Store for Digital Publishers Enabling Readers to Sho

Splash, the largest daily feed of celebrity images and videos, delivered to web, mobile, TV and print publishing partners across the globe, today announced a partnership with Bringhub, the leading in-content commerce solution, to launch a Celebrity Storefront for digital publishers. The Celebrity Storefront, powered by Bringhub technology, is an embeddable online store built for any digital publisher that empowers consumers to instantly shop the products featured in exclusive celebrity images directly on the publishers’ site.

The Celebrity Storefront is a true marketplace, updated daily, where consumers can discover dozens of new items worn by their favorite celebrities and entertainment figures; learn more about the product and then purchase in a click of a button. Additionally, consumers may also discover similar products to those worn by celebrities at more attainable price points.

“What Zayn Malik or Kim Kardashian wore three months ago doesn’t matter to readers anymore,” said Brian Marvin, COO and Co-Founder of Bringhub. “By partnering with Splash, readers not only know on Monday what Zayn or Kim wore at the after party over the weekend, but they can also purchase all the items with one click, without ever leaving our partner publishers’ sites. It’s the instantaneous experience they want.”

“The Celebrity Storefront revolutionizes how consumers discover and purchase the latest products seen on celebrities,” said Jennifer Collins, Splash News VP Breaking News and Entertainment. “By joining forces with Bringhub, we’re able to make our celebrity images shop-able and provide a dynamic ‘shop the look’ experience—updated daily—with zero effort required from the publishing partner and zero disruption to the experience for consumers. We look forward to working with digital publishers across entertainment, celebrity, and fashion verticals and providing this offer to engage readers, have them spend more time on the site, and be the go-to destination for shopping the latest celebrity looks seamlessly.”

About Splash News

Splash News is the world's leading celebrity and breaking news agency, providing images, video and stories to top publishers across the globe. Splash News and Picture Agency is a part ofBranded Entertainment Network, a company that connects brands to the power of entertainment through product integration, entertainment public relations, music licensing and partnerships, rights clearances and representation, talent seeding and negotiation.

About The Branded Entertainment Network (BEN)

The Branded Entertainment Network empowers agencies, brands, publishers, and other media producers to capture the attention of audiences worldwide by integrating premium and timely entertainment content into their communications. From the world’s leading product integration platform (BEN), to the largest daily feed of celebrity content (Splash), to the global leading agency for rights and music clearances (Greenlight), Branded Entertainment Network helps elevate projects, amplify brands, and captivate audiences.

About Bringhub

Bringhub is the shopping experience for the connected generation, empowering consumers to purchase multiple products from multiple retailers through a single secure checkout. As the leading content to commerce platform, Bringhub allows editorial and advertising content to become a point of purchase, enabling readers to shop apparel and consumer goods without ever leaving the web page they are on. To date, Bringhub has partnered with over 100 publishers reaching over 300 million monthly unique visitors and supports hundreds of major retailers, giving its partners access to more than 300 million products.

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