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Prenetics’ Partnership with Prudential is Evolving!

Prenetics’ partnership with Prudential is evolving! Prenetics’ myDNA product was highlighted by both Asia CEO and Group CEO of Prudential recently in the Prudential Annual Reports! Prenetics is getting pretty high profile all the way to the top and to the public!

Prudential Investor Deck for their Annual Investor Conference: Prenetics’ myDNA product was mentioned as a key part of Prudential’s Asia preventive health offering.

Prudential Group CEO Mike Wells mentioned of myDNA product again in a recent full year report as below:

The UK's biggest insurer, Prudential, has reported record group IFRS operating profit of GBP4,256 million (US$5.2 billion), led by double-digit growth in Asia, in a year that has seen continued low interest rates, market volatility and dramatic political change.

Prudential Group CEO Mike Wells said in a statement: “Our performance has been driven by Asia, which has delivered a seventh consecutive year of double-digit growth in new business profit, IFRS operating profit and capital generation. In the fourth quarter of 2016, quarterly APE sales in Asia exceeded GBP1 billion for the first time, with eight of our markets in the region growing by more than 20%.

He said: “In Asia, to take just two examples, Prudential Singapore became the first insurer in its market to launch an online community portal, where customers can share ideas and suggestions to help us improve our products and services, and Prudential Hong Kong gave customers access to an innovative DNA-based health and nutrition program, demonstrating how we are building our capabilities to partner with customers to help improve their longterm health and wellbeing. We also expanded our reach in the region during 2016, by launching a new operation in Laos.

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